Beginning Again!

Hello, I am back! Well…not yet, but I will be!

The holidays are over and my recent mental breakdown has calmed down, so I’ve had some time to think about the direction of my business/brand.

I need to slow down, but I also have SO many ideas for doing more. How do I balance that? Seriously, somebody tell me!

One thing I thought about doing was starting a new blog, focusing on crafting, while also keeping this blog. But how could I even consider that when this one, plus my other things are a little more than I can handle?

So I decided against that, for now anyway, but it had me thinking about this blog and how I schedule my posts, and the topics I talk about. As many of my regular readers know, my main focus is mental health. I also talk about motherhood since becoming a mom, and I share crafts here, but those posts tend to be random and infrequent, which is why I considered an entire new blog for crafts.

I’ve decided that for this blog to be more enjoyable and easier for me to manage, I needed some structure for scheduling my posts to ensure I cover all the topics I want to with some consistency.

My new schedule is going to have me go back to posts going live on Thursday mornings, and they will begin again officially on March 4th! Each Thursday of the month will be a different topic.

1st Thursday – Mental Health

2nd Thursday – Motherhood

3rd Thursday – Crafting/Creativity

4th Thursday – YouTube Video (this will give me a bit of a break from writing/creating for a week, as I will share one of my previous YouTube videos from my channel)

On the rare occasion that there is a 5th Friday of the month, that day will be considered a bonus post where I can post about anything. Sometimes it will be one of my main topics, or sometimes it will be able something completely off topic.

I hope going forward this schedule will work better for my busy life! I am still posting videos on my channel every 2 weeks for now, and when I feel comfortable, I will bump it back to once a week. Oh yea, I have an Etsy shop to run too! Am I taking on too much? Maybe, but I want to do all these things! Let’s see what this year will bring!

See you all back here on March 4th!

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