My 5 Favourite YouTubers

Youtube is a wonderful resource for so many reasons. Entertainment, expression, information, and learning are just a few of the benefits you can get from spending time on Youtube.

I am planning to start my journey with Youtube very soon, so I thought I would share my 5 favourite Youtubers. You’ve got to check some of them out!

The Try Guys

Why I love them: 

I mean, who doesn’t love The Try Guys? Their openness to new experiences and seeing things from other perspectives is wonderful. They are hilarious and can make fun of themselves, which makes watching them a great time. Because of the wide variety of topics they cover, there is something for everyone on their channel.

My favourite video:

My favourite video of theirs by far is the childbirth simulation video. Especially now that I’ve gone through childbirth myself, it’s fun to see men get a small glimpse into how painful it is. I love how they went from hilarious reactions to serious talk about how impressed they are by moms for going through this. Zack said it best “I don’t care who you are, your mom is tougher than you.”

I also absolutely love Eugene’s coming out video. As an ally for the LGBTQ community, I love seeing more and more people open up and be supported for being who they are. On top of the message, the video is so very well done. The choreography is breathtaking and watching it makes me miss dancing so much. The costumes and themes throughout tell the story in such an emotional and profound way. I just don’t have a single bad thing to say about this video.

Dr Mike

Why I love his channel:

Have you seen him!? Not that I usually judge people based on their looks of course, but in this case, him being some serious eye candy is a nice bonus!

Really what I love about him is his charisma and the way he delivers his information. He is easy to watch and listen to, and as someone who struggles with anxiety from hearing about medical stuff, I appreciate that. Exposure therapy for anxiety works very well for me, and this channel has been a great way to expose myself to medical talk without causing a lot of anxiety.

My Favourite Video:

My favourite videos are his “Meme Review” videos. He has quite a few of them at this point. You get some good laughs at the memes and his reactions, while also learning a bit when he drops some knowledge about the topic of the meme.

Sarah Lavonne

Why I love her channel:

I watched Sarah Lavonne a lot during my pregnancy. Her videos were very informative without adding to the fear that comes along with pregnancy and childbirth. They really helped me feel confident and comfortable with the idea of giving birth. Her humorous personality made watching her entertaining, which helps keep you engaged in the video that could otherwise be very boring. I mean, who thinks learning about Group B Strep could be enjoyable? Just like Dr Mike, I found her videos to be great exposure therapy for me as I prepared myself mentally for childbirth.

My Favourite Video:

I really liked all of her videos for very different reasons, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I loved her “Coffee and Questions” videos. She would cover a bunch of topics in one video, and was a lot more candid because she was answering people’s questions instead of going off a prepared script/plan for the video.

Phil and Alex

Why I love them: 

Those adorable little girls they have are definitely a big part of it! I discovered this channel when I was watching “pregnancy reactions” videos, and I found their video from February 2018 called “PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT! After 6 Years of INFERTILITY!” the intro showing a quick summary of their struggles with infertility leading up to them finding out about the pregnancy tugged on my heartstrings in a real way. I was starting to think about having a baby in the near future (hence my interest in the pregnancy reaction videos at the time) and seeing this video made me want to continue watching their journey. They run a non-profit called Love Multiplies to support those struggling with infertility and loss as well.

I then fell in love with the 2 little girls they have through adoption, and how they interact with them and teach them about the world. I really started to get excited about the idea of having children! Unfortunately, their pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Watching them navigate the shock and grief from the loss was inspiring, and made me remember that when I do decide to start trying for a baby, it might not be easy, and we may suffer a loss, but as long as my husband and I are there for each other, we can handle anything.

Now that I have a baby of my own, who was conceived quickly, without any complication, I am so grateful for my experience with her, knowing very well how much harder it could have been.

They are currently pregnant again. I am so happy for them, and can’t wait to see them bring life into the world!

My Favourite Video:

It was definitely the video that brought me to their channel in the first place. But recently it’s changed to this one. Alex takes a pregnancy test for the first time with this recent pregnancy. Her reaction is so raw and emotional, but it’s quickly interrupted by her children and she is able to quickly regain composure while speaking to them and trying to get them to go finish lunch so she can have her moment. But they keep coming back! It was adorable, hilarious, and emotional all at the same time.

Marie Forleo

Why I love her channel: 

As an entrepreneur, her videos are very helpful. She has so much advice and a lot of tips for making business easier. I also love that she really speaks to female entrepreneurs, and a lot of the hurdles we face because of our gender. She makes sure to add some humour into all of her videos to keep them fun. Not only are her videos helpful for entrepreneurs, she has advice for life in general as well. Spend some time watching her channel and you’ll come out of it with new ideas on how to feel better about yourself. She does interviews with successful people from all kinds of industries/backgrounds, so not only are you getting her great advice, but you are also getting advice from so many other inspirational people from this one channel.

My Favourite Videos:

Both of these videos follow the same theme. Dealing with other people’s criticism. This is something I have always struggled with and watching these videos helped me a lot. 

“Do You Let Criticism Stop You? How To Insult-Proof Your Ego” In this video she speaks about how to handle criticism, depending on the type of criticism it is. From a smart caring person, you may want to listen to it because they might have a point, and it might steer you in the right direction. Constructive criticism can be very helpful once you take emotion out of it. Then you have the criticism that comes from jerks. Dealing with this is the worst, but Marie reminds us to ask what they have accomplished to make their opinions worth anything. And sometimes it’s best to remember that some people criticize just to be a jerk, and you can laugh it off and move on with your life. She references Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment (which I highly recommend watching for a good laugh) and talks about how these famous people can hear these things and laugh about it because…well…who cares what these people think? 

“Thank you for not believing in me” Is a video about a time that she shared her business plan/idea with a man that she met at a conference, and he brushed it off as a “hobby” that wouldn’t really amount to anything for her. Instead of letting that comment get her down, she decided to use it to fuel her passion because now, she wanted to prove this douche canoe wrong! So now anytime anyone tells me that my ideas aren’t going to work out, especially when they don’t even know the whole plan, I’m going to use it as fuel as well!

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