Cassidy’s Birthday Wishlist! – Gift Ideas For A 1 Year Old’s Birthday

How is my baby almost a year old?! Someone explain this to me! I swear I just gave birth to her!

Despite my disbelief, her birthday is coming, and it’s coming soon! So I started thinking about all the gifts we want to get her, and how exciting that is. I’ve also had a few people reach out to me already about a list of ideas for presents for her. So I decided to put together this list of gift ideas to share with my readers as well, in case you’re looking for gift ideas for a 1-year-old in your life.


Of course the first category in this list is toys! Cassidy loves playing with and exploring her toys. When we introduce a new one to her, she gets very excited. It will be so much fun to see her play with a bunch of new toys.


Cassidy absolutely loves knocking down towers of blocks that I make. I cannot wait to see her begin to build things with blocks. This block set from Lovevery is very versatile and will grow with her.

Music and Lights

Yes I know, these toys may drive me crazy one day, but Cassidy absolutely loves toys that light up and make noises.

Stuffed Animals

Cassidy loves to hold, feel, and wave around stuffed animals. If she’s anything like me, she will love cuddling with them when she’s a bit older too.

Get Her Moving

Cassidy loves to move, and she’s going to be walking so soon. Toys that encourage her to move and use up some of that endless energy will be very appreciated by both her and myself!

Bath Toys

She used to hate bath time, but recently, it has become a really fun time for her. Some fun bath toys to make it even more fun would be awesome!


As a fashion designer, I love clothes, and I absolutely love dressing Cassidy up in adorable outfits. Things that are important for her clothing are: that they are comfortable to wear (preferably a stretchy fabric,) easy to take off for diaper changes, and aren’t too tight around her thighs. She has larger thighs and anything with elastic around them become too small and uncomfortable for her. Here is some inspiration for clothing that I think would look adorable on her.


Cassidy loves books. She is now starting to “help” turn the pages. She loves to look at the pictures and to touch any textures in the book. Almost any age-appropriate book would be appreciated, but here are a few that Cassidy would love to have.

Book Subscriptions

I love the idea of book subscriptions. Having a new book to read to her on a regular basis would definitely keep things fresh and interesting.

Room Decor

Some ideas to make her room a little cuter!


Cassidy has been having such a great time trying new foods and learning to feed herself. Once she is 1 year old, she will be eating a lot more food.

Other Stuff

Every year for my birthday I received a ceramic “growing up girl.” I want to continue that tradition with Cassidy and have her receive a Precious Moments “Growing in Grace” figurine for each age she turns.

For the last few months, I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for a company called The Teething Egg. I looked into their products and I love the way the Molar Magician works to help babies as they start to get their molar teeth. So far she just has her front teeth, and she was not a happy girl unless she could chew on something as they were coming in.

The Molar Magician

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