What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

This is a daydream that I’m sure a lot of people share. Can you just imagine how your life would change? The burdens of student loans, consumer debt, or living paycheck to paycheck would disappear. Dreams of buying a home, a car, or starting a business could be realized. It’s amazing to think about.

It’s such a strange thing for me to think about, considering I never buy lottery tickets. The pessimistic part of my brain tells me its a waste of money because I won’t win. Which I guess is smart. But let’s think about it for a minute!

I know there are statistics that say a lot of people who win the lottery, go broke not too long after because they get carried away. So I’m going to keep that in mind here.

Let’s pretend I won last night’s Lotto Max jackpot, which was 60 Million. Wow! Where do I start?

First thing I would do is buy a house. That’s an easy one! I would buy one in Toronto, in the neighbourhood that we currently rent. Something I don’t think we will ever be able to do! The house would likely cost around 2 Million.

I would then renovate the house. I want to create the ultimate sewing and craft room. There will be table space and shelves all along the wall, a large cutting table, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy one of those Sewing cabinets from The Original Scrapbox.

There will, of course, be extra rooms for potential future children, and one “cat room” that the dog won’t be able to get to. This can be their sanctuary with cat trees, lots of sunlight, and a quiet space for the litter boxes. My husband will get his own office/video game room with a big TV and comfortable couch. All the other staple rooms would be renovated to suit our style if needed. The backyard will also have a hot tub or pool.

If I could find a retail space for sale in a good area for less than 1 million, I would open my own store to sell my Etsy products, as well as carry other products as well. This would also be great for me to have a place to store inventory for both the shop and Etsy, and I would love to help small businesses/designers showcase their work at the shop. It would also be necessary for

I think that 60 million is too much money to not give any to charities. Easily I would give 3 million to the Toronto Humane Society. As a volunteer, seeing the amazing work they do first hand, lets me know that the money would be put to great use. I would also continuously donate to them on a regular basis from profits of my business. I would also split another 3 million between various charities that help women in developing countries, hospitals, such as, Sick Kids, and charities that support people with mental illnesses.

Next I would give 5 million to my parents, and my husband’s parents. As a thank you for raising us! And we would give our siblings each about $100 000. I would also start a college/wedding fund for the potential future children by putting one million into a savings account.

Now all that’s left is to buy each of us a car. One SUV and one smaller car. The remaining will be put in the bank to collect interest and allow us to live a comfortable lifestyle.

….If only.

It’s nice to dream, and it’s nice to have aspirations, and things to grow towards. But it’s also good to be grateful for the things we do have. My husband and I have a lovely apartment with ensuite laundry. That’s awesome! We have 4 beautiful fur-babies, who may interfere with my ability to run my business, but they are so sweet and loving that it doesn’t matter. We have a nice patio, and our building has great outdoor space.

Winning the lottery would be amazing, but I am fine without it too.

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