Paws in the Park 2018

Last weekend, I attended the Toronto Humane Society’s biggest annual fundraiser, Paws in the Park.

With my husband and puppy by my side, I set up as an exhibitor with my new(relaunched) business Tarapparel. I shared the pet accessories that I make, including, bandannas, collar bows, and scarves.

I’ve been an exhibitor at Paws in the Park for the previous few years with my Arbonne business. So I knew what to expect and how fun the day will be.

I highly recommend anyone who has a dog or likes dogs, goes to this event. It’s a great socialization opportunity for your dog, and a great opportunity to spend time with dogs. There are wonderful activities throughout the day and food and beer!

When we arrived, we secured Pixel on a leash while we set up the canopy and tables. Then, as I set up the products, Keegan took Pixel around for a walk. As the day was getting started, he took Pixel to the agility training course, and I came over to watch while keeping an eye on my tent. The trainers worked with Keegan and Pixel to do some basic agility training, and she was so focused on them because they had treats. The trainers said that her focus at a place with a lot going on around her, plus her breeds, make her a natural at agility training.

As the day went on, it got very warm out. The weather was actually beautiful. So sunny all day! Keegan took Pixel over to the kiddy pools they have out for the dogs to cool down in. She loved it! I wasn’t there to see, but Keegan told me that she jumped around between the pools, and ran around in circles in them. The pools were set up near the adoption tent, so she gave a bit of entertainment to the people waiting in line.

People seemed to really like my pet accessories, and I loved seeing the other dogs wearing them. The scarves specifically got a lot of attention. It was a wonderful day. The THS raised a lot of money, and all of the dogs were adopted. At the end of the day, Pixel was exhausted! When we came home, she slept the rest of the day.

I can’t wait until next year!

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