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My Etsy Shop Is Opening!

This Saturday!

I am so excited to finally be opening my Etsy shop after a long time of thinking about it. I used to have an Etsy shop that I went back and forth with. The last time I was serious about it, I became pregnant not long after re-launching, and the morning sickness and everything else made me decide to go on another hiatus.

So, I decided that this time, I would start fresh with a brand new shop with my business name Tarably Inspired. This way, everything is under that name. My Etsy shop, this blog, and my YouTube channel. Along with all my social media.

Be sure to check it out this Saturday at 9am EST as I begin to push listings live. I will also be adding listings to the shop as the day goes on, depending on how Cassidy is behaving.

The majority of the listings will be for pet accessories. I will work as quickly as I can to add my other categories to the shop as well.

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