Just Strong Athletic Wear – Review

Just Strong is a women’s athletic wear company and lifestyle brand. They make leggings, tops, tanks, sports bras, as well as accessories and supplements. I joined this company as a brand ambassador because I had been thinking about trying to get into better shape and was looking for some new athletic clothing that would fit my postpartum body. Just Strong showed up in my Instagram newsfeed and I joined right away!

The Look

The first thing people notice about clothing is how they look. If it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t matter how comfortable, or valuable, no one will want it.

I was very intrigued by the designs and colours this brand uses. The clothing looks comfortable and fashionable. The pieces that I own, I find to be very figure-flattering.

They have a collection of “phrase tanks” that I just love. The one I have says “Progress, Not Perfection” and I absolutely love that. Some of the phrases are inspirational, and some of them are funny.

The Construction Quality

As a person who sews, I can’t stand poor construction quality in clothing. I mean, if I buy a really cheap tank top, I am not expecting much, but for clothing I spend a bit more on, I have high expectations.

In the pieces I have, I was very impressed with the construction. The seams are very strong and there are no loose threads hanging out of them. In tighter fitting items, the seams are sewn in a way that they won’t cause any discomfort or bulkiness.

Zippers are good quality and sewn into garments very well. In my Turquoise Performance Zip Top, the zipper has a fabric piece that acts as a barrier between it and my skin. This is a really nice added touch to ensure the zipper doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The Comfort

Everything I’ve worn so far has been super comfortable. The sports bra I have is by far, the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn, and I plan to buy more of the same one, and I also want to try a few others as well. I have a larger-ish bust size, and found that a lot of sports bras would just squish me. Being a breastfeeding mom right now, I am ever bigger, and I don’t want something squishing me! The Seamless Mesh Sports Bra gives me amazing support without the squish.

The fabric is all very lightweight and breathable, which makes it very comfortable to wear and it feels great against the skin.

The Size/Fit

I am only able to speak about sizing on the items I purchased, but I would imagine that it is pretty consistent.

The fit of everything I have so far as been great. I mentioned the way the sports bra fits me above. The two tanks that I have fit very well, however, my Hot Pink Racerback Tank could have shorter straps, but that’s more a personal preference as I know it’s meant to fit looser. My Performance Zip Top fits like a second skin without being tight. It is absolutely perfect.

I only have one pair of bottom so far. The Heather Grey Joggers. They fit beautifully. They are very snug fitting throughout the length of the leg and over the bum. I personally don’t need to use the drawstring because the waistband fits great and sits in a comfortable spot, but I love that it’s there because I plan to lose weight and might need to use it in the future. One thing I really appreciate is the length. I have longer legs and sometimes these types of pants/leggings aren’t long enough. For those with shorter legs, they do bunch up to be shorter very comfortably and you always have the option to hem them if need be.

When looking at each product, you can easily see the size guide that you can click on right next to where you would select which size you would like to purchase. The size chart gives you their sizes (S, M, L format) in comparison to numbered sizes in UK, US, and EU. I would personally love to see their size chart include actual body measurements because it’s hard to know your standard number size for sure because it can be very different depending on the brand. That being said, I am normally a Medium size in clothing, with that sizing format, and the Medium sizes in Just Stong fit me very well.

They carry plus sizes that go up to a size 5XL in select styles. They also have a line of kids sizes that I cannot wait to get Cassidy into when she is older.

The Value

These clothes aren’t cheap. But they also aren’t super expensive either. The price point for the quality you are receiving is very reasonable and comparable to other popular athletic wear brands. As a matter of fact, I would say the quality for the price is a bit better than most other brands, especially when you use my discount code at the bottom of this post for 10% off.

The Brand Philosophy

This is probably my favourite part! This brand stands for strength in the face of adversary and standing back up when you are knocked down. They celebrate women finding and embracing their strengths, physical or mental. Being a feminist, this is exactly the type of company I want to support.

As my daughter grows up, I want her to know she’s strong, capable, and can do anything she sets her mind to. She’s not strong “for a girl”, she’s Just Strong!

Final Thoughts

Love! That’s it! I just love this brand! I love the clothes I have so far, I love the brand philosophy, and I love the motivation they have given me to get back in shape. I highly recommend giving this brand a try, and if you do, I want to help you save 10%.

Use my discount code TARTAY10 to save 10% on any order.

My Wish List!

I only have a few pieces right now, but I definitely plan to get more! I thought I would share my wish list. Let me know in the comments which pieces you would get!

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