Cassidy’s Christmas Haul

This was Cassidy’s first Christmas, and as you can imagine, everyone wanted to spoil her! I decided to share what she received for presents this year since baby stuff is super fun and adorable.

Christmas this year was very special for my husband and me because it was our first holiday season as parents. Even though she didn’t know what was going on, it was wonderful to be able to make these memories with her. Also, knowing that we will get to watch this little girl grow up and become excited at the holidays every year is such a wonderful thing. That fun magical feeling of Christmas you have as a child came back to us a little bit this year.

She received plenty of toys! Some teethers and toys that she can use right now, and some more advanced toys that she will be able to grow into.

Her Disney loving Aunts, Laura and Megan gave her this adorable Minnie Mouse outfit!

She got a couple of Teddy bears to commemorate the year of her first Christmas, as well as some holiday ornaments.

Books! We read to Cassidy every night and want her to grow up having a love of reading. We made sure to buy her some books for Christmas this year. She also received some from Grandma and Grandpa.

The most popular gift for Cassidy this year was clothing.

Red plaid was especially popular!

Of course, she received some socks!

Lots and lots of jammies!

Other night time gifts included sleep sacks, a funky cat lamp for her room, and a fitted crib sheet.

For bath time, she got a new rubber duck and bath fish puppet.

Some adorable bibs! Even though we aren’t eating solid foods yet, we use bibs all the time. They catch all the drool and keep her outfits dry.

From Great-Grandma, she received a pretty pink activity play mat. She was playing in it on Christmas day.

I want to thank everyone who was so generous to us this year. The gifts that Cassidy received were wonderful and I can’t wait to see her wear/use all of them!

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