Big News!

I have some very big exciting news to share with my readers!

My family is growing by one this summer, and it’s not because we are adopting another furry friend. We have a human baby on the way who is due July 29th!

7 Week Ultrasound

I found out I was pregnant on November 22nd 2018 and I’m currently 23 weeks along.

This is my first ever pregnancy and it has been one wild ride. My first trimester was extremely difficult because I dealt with a lot of morning sickness (which lasts all day, not just morning!), food aversions, vomiting, breast pain, and dizziness. I had to put a lot of things in my life on hold and just focus on staying healthy and sane.

We shared the news with our families at Christmas time, and they were all very excited for us. This is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

My second trimester has been much smoother. I have my appetite back and haven’t vomited in a long time *knocks on wood.* I am still tired a lot of the time, which has made our recent move a little difficult. But I am super excited about being able to show off this baby bump and feeling those kicks and movements.

19 week ultrasound profile
19 Week Ultrasound

This is a very active baby! When I went in for my anatomy scan at 19 weeks, the baby was moving around so much that it was difficult for them to get all the measurements and images needed, including the sex. They were able to make a guess, but are unable to say 100% what it is. For now, we are expecting it to be a girl, but who knows!

Keegan and I are very excited about our newest addition and cannot wait to meet them.

19 week ultrasound - hand
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