8 Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Everyday Life!

If you’re like me making time for exercise is really hard. Sometimes it’s really hard to motivate yourself to exercise in the first place. Especially if you have to leave your home to go to a gym. Even in my last apartment when there was a gym just one floor below me, it was really hard to make myself go.

Maybe you’re a busy parent who just doesn’t have the time between keeping the house clean, taking care of the kids, and any other responsibilities you have to take care of.

Or you’ve been having a really hard time lately with your mental health, and that has killed any and all energy you could possibly have. Not to mention the motivation to exercise is non-existent.

Now I’m not saying that these tips can replace actual exercise long-term. But they can help you get some exercise in every day when you aren’t able to make the time for a real workout.

Microwave Waiting Time

Do you just stand there watching the counter tick down while the microwave is going? Or maybe you walk over to watch the tv while you wait. None of these things help burn fat and keep you active. During those couple of minutes, even if it’s only 30 seconds, you could do a quick impromptu workout. When I was pregnant, especially near the end, I was trying to walk more, so anytime I put something in the microwave I would do laps around the main floor until the timer went off. Other things you could do include squats, jumping jacks, planking/pushups (wash your hands after though!), or running up and down your stairs if you have them. 

Turn Brushing Your Teeth into a Mini Workout

Instead of standing still in front of the sink while you brush your teeth, get moving. You can do something as simple as, walk around the house, or you can do something a little more intense. You’re supposed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, so however many squats you can go in a minute, do that while you brush one side, take a quick breather and then do another minute work of squats while you brush the other side. To mix it up you could try calf raises or lunges against the side of the bathtub. Just don’t do anything where you risk choking on the toothpaste or toothbrush! 

Park Further Away

If you go out shopping somewhere that you park your car, instead of trying to find the “perfect” spot, right up front, park near the back of the lot. If you make this a habit, the extra walking adds up. It’s the little things, right? However, I don’t recommend this if you’re buying something big and heavy that you have to carry out. Extra bonus: The chances of someone parking next to you goes way down, which means, less chance for door dings or having a hard time fitting in between the cars.

Get Off The Bus Early

If that last tip didn’t help you because you don’t have a car or don’t drive very much, I also have a public transit version of this tip. Get off the bus one or 2 stops early and walk to your destination from there. You could try this with the subway too, but those stops are usually pretty far apart! If you have the time and the weather is good, absolutely go for it!

Put Some Boogie Into Your House Cleaning

Cleaning is already a physical activity, but it definitely can’t replace actual exercise. But you can take your activity level up a notch when you clean. Throw on some upbeat music and do a little dancing while you clean. Nothing too crazy, you aren’t going to be performing for anyone, just have some fun with it, move your body while you’re mopping the floor. Do a little spin and slide from the dishwasher to the cupboard when putting away dishes. Take mini dance breaks here and there. Not only will this increase your heart rate and give you extra physical activity, but it might also put you in a better mood and make cleaning fun…ish. Singing loudly won’t really help with fat burning, but it definitely increases the fun factor!

For Parents With Little Ones: Use a Workout for Playtime

Instead of waiting until my daughter is napping or entertained by something to do my workouts, which I have plenty of other things I could be doing during those times, I plan to do my workouts with her. She has fun, and get’s to spend time with mommy, while I get my exercise for the day. I like using Nancy Taylor’s “Baby and Me” interval workout from YouTube with Cassidy. She Loves to move around with me!

Don’t Use the Closest Bathroom

Obviously, if you’re having an “emergency” don’t use this advice! But when you need to use the washroom and there’s one available to you on a different floor at your office or in your home, use that one instead. You get extra walking and a good stair climb there and back.

Take Extra Trips

I know I know! You want to carry all those grocery bags into the house from the car in one trip. You will load up your arms just short of breaking them before taking a second trip. Why do we all do this to ourselves? Instead of nearly breaking your arms, bring this into the house or out to the car in multiple trips. You get extra steps, plus the added benefit of lifting things that you carry. 

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