This Isn’t About You…

You know the recommendations for social distancing, you know about the virus, but you’re not worried.

Even knowing that the longer it takes for everyone to comply with social distancing, the longer we will have to do it, doesn’t really phase you.

So what if the government eventually makes it mandatory to stay inside because of all of us not listening. You have tons of video games, and TV shows to keep you busy.

This isn’t about you.

*This is about the brides and grooms who have a wedding that they’ve been planning for over a year, coming up, who don’t know if they will have to postpone/cancel it.

*This is about the elderly people in retirement homes under lockdown who haven’t had a visitor in weeks. They can’t wait to be able to see their grandkids again.

*This is about the woman who’s daughter just had her first baby. She wasn’t able to visit in the hospital, and she doesn’t know when she will get to finally meet her first grandchild.

*This is about the couple who just had their first baby, who are so excited to introduce them to their friends and family but don’t know when that will be.

*This is about those same new parents who were really counting on help from friends and family during those stressful first few weeks.

This isn’t about you.

*This is about the children who don’t have very nice home lives. School was their safe place, and they can’t wait to go back.

*This is about the immunocompromised guy who now has to rely on others to get the things he needs because he can’t risk going to the grocery store, even for a quick shop.

*This is about the grocery store cashier who has been going and going without rest during her shift because the lines are so long with people panic buying supplies.

*This is about the grocery store employee who was just yelled at 10 times in the last hour because they are sold out of toilet paper. He has no control over that at all.

This isn’t about you.

*This is about the man who was just laid off from his job because his company had to close. He doesn’t know how he is going to provide for his family.

*This is about the family who just lost a loved one, but are not able to hold a funeral to honour their life.

*This is about the people living with depression that is now getting a lot worse due to isolation.

*This is about the small business owners who are worried about losing their dream that they worked so hard for with every passing week.

This isn’t about you.

*This is about the nurse who is exhausted, working 12-hour shifts, and missing some special moments with their child.

*This is about the doctor who has been working so hard for their critical patients, and it’s breaking their heart every time they lose one.

*This is about all medical professionals facing tremendous stress, extra work hours, and burn-out, while risking exposing themselves to the virus, just to keep people alive.

The sooner we can all comply with social distancing, the sooner we can get back to “normal.” Maybe living like this isn’t a problem for you, but…

This isn’t about you.

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