New Blog Schedule

You may have been wondering what happened to this week’s blog post. I normally have a new post go live every Thursday morning. Sometimes they would come later in the day.

However, I’ve been finding it difficult lately to keep up with my blog, YouTube, and now Etsy shop, as well as posting on social media (which I’ve been really bad at lately!) With all of these things plus taking care of Cassidy, and my household chores, it’s a lot.

That being said, I still really want to be able to create content on both my blog and YouTube on a regular basis. So I decided to come up with a new, slightly more lenient, blog schedule.

Instead of Thursday morning, my blog posts will be published on weekends. I am not going to pick a specific time of day. They will be posted at any point during Saturday or Sunday.

Thank you so much to those that come to my blog on a regular basis, I really hope I can continue to teach and inspire you with a little less stress on myself.

In the mean time, I thought this would also be a good oppourtunity to remind my readers of my other platforms you can find me on.

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