Fun Thanksgiving Day Crafts For Everyone

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. It’s definitely a weird one as people make difficult decisions about their plans and who they will be able to see. Personally, due to the rising numbers in Ontario, we have decided not to make the trip to see my family this year. It’s a bummer, especially with Cassidy being a lot more active now, but it’s just not a risk we are willing to take right now.

If you’re in our situation, you may be wondering what Thanksgiving-related activities you could do in your own home with your immediate family. Well, as many of my readers know, I am a BIG fan of crafting, so of course, that is what I am going to recommend! This time, instead of just sharing one craft with you, I’ve decided to share a whole bunch of ideas from other blogs, so you can pick the craft that works best for you.

At the end of this list, you will see my 2 part video series of me making a Thanksgiving craft for my home. If you ever feel like you’re failing at crafting, these are the videos to watch! I struggled majorly with them, but they still turned out great in the end!

Anyway, lets get to the list!

Young Kids – Toddlers/Preschool

Turkey Feathers Craft

I absolutely LOVE a good toilet paper roll craft. It really brings me back! This is a cute and simple craft for your little one to try out. (As a side note, if your kids love crafting, it’s a good idea to keep a few of these on hand and store them with their craft supplies. Otherwise, you might have an issue with your little one unrolling a bunch of toilet paper to get one for themselves!)

Dish Brush Turkey Craft

Painting is SO much for for the little ones, and this is a really interesting technique for them to try.

Dish Brush Turkey Craft – Crafty Morning


Family Tree

I love the idea of using things you find outside for crafting. There is so much beauty in nature, especially with fall leaves this time of year!

Family Tree Thanksgiving Craft Using Nature – The Growing Creatives

Thanksgiving Bead Bracelet

This craft is accompanied by a poem to follow along with to know what order to place the beads. It also teaches children a little about the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Bead Bracelet Craft and Poem – Super Mom Hacks

Yarn Pumpkins

This craft seems like so much fun, and it was one of the ones I was thinking about doing. If you and your kids don’t mind getting sticky, give this one a try!

Yarn Pumpkins – One Little Project at a Time

Teens and Adults

Mason Jar Centerpiece

It wouldn’t be a craft round-up post without at least one mason jar craft! This trend has been around a lot longer than I expected, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down!

DIY Fall Decor Centerpiece – MOMMYWITHBLOGS

Autumn Gift Tags

A small gift for someone special this time of year is always appreciated.

An Autumn Treat For Someone Sweet Gift Tags – FAKING IT FABULOUS

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

Could you get a more “2020” craft than one that involves a roll of toilet paper? This craft was posted quite a few years ago, but it was definitely ahead of its time!

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins – Living Chic on the Cheap

Me Struggling to Make my Thanksgiving Crafts!

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