Yes My Husband Plays Video Games, No It Doesn’t Bother Me. Why Would It?

My husband loves his video games. He could play them all day, and he has on occasion. People ask me now and then, “How do you put up with his video gaming?” “Does he really play video games every day?” and other random questions that display their disapproval. My question for these people is, would you ask these questions if …

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5 Reasons To Consider Volunteer Work

Volunteer work, the backbone of every non-profit or charity organization. Without them, a lot of these places could not do the great work that they do. I’m going to share my experience with volunteering and why I think everyone who is able to, should. I volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society working with behaviour cats, and feeding kittens. Each of …

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Why it’s Important for me to be Open About my Mental Health

I was quiet for so long, but that wasn’t helping anyone, especially me. I think it is very important for people to talk more openly about their mental health issues. Because the more we normalize it the more we reduce the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds it. Continuing to keep it a secret and feeling embarrassed or shameful about it …

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