Hello! I would like to introduce myself and my brand. My name is Tara Taylor, I am a fashion designer, animal lover, and creative person, who lives life as best I can as an anxious depressive. I have an amazing husband and 4 beautiful furbabies.

I began my blog on WordPress well over a year ago and got away from it due to a very stressful situation I was in at the time, and I just never got back to it. After a long time of soul searching and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, I decided to restart this blog.

This blog is about my life, focused a lot on my struggle with mental illness, and how I handle it. On the lighter side, I love talking about animals, fashion, and healthy living.

I have also recently restarted my Etsy shop that I hadn’t touched in about 7 years. Tarapparel on Etsy is back, showcasing my fashion designs, and this time including pet accessories. And Digital Sequin (Named after one of my cats, Sequin) will showcase my photography and graphic designs.

I hope you all enjoy watching my journey!